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Super 100 CLUB - 2023

Phase 3 | 9th Sep 2023 | Rangers Club - Kolkata

Super 100 is an exclusive seminar designed for 100 MBA aspirants, providing a unique platform for direct interaction with premier B-Schools. This event serves as a focused and impactful opportunity to connect aspiring students with top-notch educational institutions.

About Super 100

Here are the event highlights and intriguing facts from Super 100, a gathering tailored for 100 MBA aspirants and premier B-Schools.

100 Participants

Super 100 events are exclusive MBA seminars, tailored for a limited audience of just 100 participants, ensuring an intimate and enriching experience for each attendee.

2-3 Premier B-Schools

Super 100 features 2-3 premier B-Schools, offering students an exclusive opportunity for direct interaction and valuable insights, enhancing their understanding of top-tier MBA programs.

Complimentary Lunch

Free lunch for every student attending Super 100, adding an extra perk to the valuable insights and opportunities provided during the event.


Here are some key highlights of the iconic Super100 event.

Date & Venue

09th Sep 2023

The Rangers Club – Esplanade Kolkata

  • BIBS Kolkata
  • United World Kolkata

24 students enrolled after receiving expert counseling to guide them towards their desired B-Schools.

Participating students who enrolled in the MBA program were awarded a spot scholarship of Rs 4,80,000.

Captured Moments

Photos of Super100 2023 Phase 3


Esteemed speakers from renowned B-Schools shared invaluable insights on career growth with our esteemed students at Super100.

Aniruddh Banerjee

BIBS Kolkata

Krishna Rateria

United World IQ City Kolkata