Westawk Lounge 2023

Kolkata's Leading MBA Fair

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Westawk Lounge Kolkata-2023

Kolkata's Leading MBA Fair

Why Westawk Lounge is "India's Leading MBA Fair"?

Westawk Lounge earns the title "India's Leading MBA Fair" due to several factors:

Westawk Lounge focuses on inviting only the best B-Schools, ensuring quality and relevance for attendees.

Holding events at five-star or seven-star hotels provides a luxurious and conducive environment for meaningful interactions.

By allowing only targeted audiences, the fair ensures that participants are genuinely interested, leading to more productive conversations and connections.

The fair provides a platform for valuable networking, enabling aspiring students to connect directly with top B-School representatives, fostering meaningful dialogues about their educational goals and aspirations.

Westawk Lounge might employ innovative technologies or methods, such as virtual reality campus tours or interactive seminars, setting it apart from other fairs and enhancing the attendee experience.

Positive testimonials and feedback from both B-School representatives and attendees can reinforce the fair’s reputation, indicating high satisfaction and successful outcomes for participants.

The fair’s commitment to continuous improvement, incorporating feedback, and adapting to the evolving needs of both B-Schools and aspiring students, further solidifies its position as the leading MBA fair in India.

These factors collectively contribute to Westawk Lounge being recognized as "India's Leading MBA Fair," reflecting its dedication to excellence and ensuring a valuable experience for all participants.

Exceptional Service, Delighted Clients

Amazing MBA Event, one of the best educational fair I have ever attended.
Amar Gandhi
Marwadi University, Rajkot
Excellent work by Westawk, I have never seen a crowd of approx 700 students is any fair
Namrata Suri
Lloyd Business School, Greater Noida
Good work by Westawk and Westawk team. Very innovative idea to connect MBA colleges with right students
Wahid Alam
BIBS, Kolkata
My throat got chocked after the event, I was handling 40 students a once and 6 times in a row. Amazing experience
Sanjeev Sarkar
Fostiima, New Delhi

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