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Westawk Workshop 2023

Workshop No: 1 | 07th Jan 2023

Westawk Workshop is a distinguished series of seminars designed exclusively for Undergraduate/Degree Colleges. Our seminars serve as a bridge between final year students and top-class faculties, creating a valuable platform for academic and professional growth.

About Westawk Workshop

At Westawk Workshop, we understand the significance of guiding students towards a successful post-graduation journey. Therefore, our seminars focus on providing crucial insights into various industries, MBA opportunities, and helping students make informed decisions about their career paths after graduation.

Top-Class Faculties
Premier Undergraduate Colleges
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Session Highlights

Here are some key highlights of the iconic Westawk MBA Workshop

Date & Venue

7th Jan 2023

Bhawanipur College (BESC)

Jublee Hall

  • IMI Kolkata
  • Fostiima Delhi
  • Sunstone Eduversity

The total session time was 2 hours, from 2 PM to 4 PM, and each B-School had the opportunity to deliver a speech for approximately 35-40 minutes.

Final-year students from a B.Com background who are planning to pursue an MBA as their career.

Captured Moments


Esteemed speakers from renowned B-Schools shared invaluable insights on career growth with our esteemed students at Westawk Workshop

Tinu Jain

IMI Kolkata

Anil Somani

Fostiima Delhi

Md Iftikar Ali

Sunstone Eduversity